Inventory management and supply chain management are the backbone of any business operations. It is managed with the help of web application. The website deals with suppliers agreeing to manage and hold inventories at their customers. A customer orders a stock of items available with the supplier. The customer then places the order for different items which needs to be purchased by the list of stock available for a item, its code, description, unit price, quantity available with the supplier at different office location. The customer then places an order which is sent to the supplier.

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The supplier can issue the available stock ordered by the customer, adjust the stock with respect to the stock inquired by the customer, request for more stock, adjust the stock as per the mismatch in software stock and physical stock value etc. A purchase order is created by the customer and sent to the supplier for the supply of mentioned stock.

Technologies Used

  • Codeigniter 3.0
  • MySQL 5.7
  • Jquery 1.11
  • Mpdf library
  • Smoke Alert


This is a site for carpooling among people. It is a mobile and desktop friendly website. The site currently has been done in two languages, English and Indonesian with the help of Multi-language implementation in codeigniter. The user can choose the language as per his/her convenience. After logging into the carpooling website, a user will be on the homepage with 3 tabs to see named Find a Ride, Post a Ride, My rides with default set as Find a Ride. A google map api is implemented to choose the source and destination in Indonesia. The route will be displayed in the map. A user will be able to "Post a Ride". He/she can choose which vehicle (car/motorcycle) he/she wants to share, number of seats, price he/she expects, gender type, smoker/non smoker preferences etc with other users with the date of journey/return with time/ time range. Then a user will be able to submit his/her ride and will be able to view to the web application users who want to share the ride.

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A user can contact the other users who are sharing the ride and to the owner by ride messages, profile messages, and by other contact details. A user can also "Report a Problem". A user can also post reviews and rating after the ride is over. The goal of the carpooling app is to help people to share the vehicle if they are going to the same destination. It leads to advantages of pollution reduction and fuel savings.

Technologies Used

  • Codeigniter 2.1.3 HMVC
  • Google map api
  • Jquery UI mobile
  • Jquery Raty


This project is all about to manage an inter school competition.A user can register for the events as a student, teacher or parent. A user can either register on the website which is online mode or on the venue by the admin which is called offline mode. A user can visit to the website and go to Register under Event tab. A user has to give basic details like name, school, phone number, email, type etc. There a validation done to check by email id and phone number given. An email id and phone number for a scratch card is valid for one day

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He/she cannot register again for the same day event with email id and phone number again, but for the other day event by the scratch card. After a successful registration a mail with the details of the event with the registration number will be sent to the user. Also a sms will be sent to the phone number given, which they can carry to the venue mentioned.

Technologies Used

  • CodeIgniter 2.1.4
  • Phpmailer
  • Tcpdf library
  • Sms alerts


The website provides gifting items like flowers, cakes, sweets, jewelry, chocolates, accessories, etc. There are options to purchase gifts for special occasions like Easter, Valentine's Day, Id-ul-fitr, Get well soon, Wedding, New Born, etc. People can login to the website and create an account. They can select the items, add the items to the cart and then give address of the person whom they intend to give gift or give their own address and proceed to checkout for online payment.

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The website has list of Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) listed on their website for the user to understand regarding the product, orders, gifting, delivery, pricing, discount, shipping rates, etc.

Technologies Used

  • Zen cart
  • Paypal payment gateway.


The website is about a residential area with homes and amenities. It has clubhouse, recreational area. There residents who live in the area are by default the members of the site. The residents of the homes have username and password to login to the site for various activities and events. They can book clubhouse, create events etc which is displayed in the site in which the members can gather and participate. The site is updated with recent news, forms for download etc.

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It has information about nearby schools, restaurant, shopping areas etc. It has image gallery for displaying photos. Members can connect with each other by using this app.

Technologies Used

  • Wordpress
  • Subscribe2 plugin
  • Google Calendar Events plugin
  • Photo Gallery plugin


It is a free ride-matching service created by that connects employees traveling in the same route. One can now share his/her car, bike, auto and cab rides with colleagues to share the cost and to help reduce city traffic. The ride haring app is a community exclusively for working professionals and registration is based on corporate email id. Additionally, women have the option to create Ladies-Only carpool.

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Carpool partners should decide about cost sharing and point of pick-up beforehand via Phone/SMS/Email.

Technologies Used

  • CodeIgniter
  • Google Map api
  • Jquery
  • Sms alerts


Online classifieds is a website for publishing classifieds ads. It helps people to post an advertisement about a product which they want to sell. Buyers can login to the site and purchase the items. A user needs to register into the site by providing email and password. Also, the site has facebook login enabled. The website has an admin interface to manage settings at the backend. The website is responsive for most of the standard compatible devices.

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A user while registered can choose to have any of the membership such as Individual, Car Dealer, Real estate agency, Job advertising agency. While an individual member can publish any ads under any category, other members can post ads restricted to certain category based on the membership.

Technologies Used

  • Osclass 3.5.3
  • Jquery
  • Owl carousel plugin
  • CSV Import Category plugin


It is a web application which enables users across the globe to learn different languages across the globe. This platform enables users to join as a teacher to teach a language in which they are having command; and as a student to learn the language of his/her choice or by their clients, for a fee. The method used for learning is through video conferencing. The website is responsive for most of the standard compatible devices.

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A student books a lesson from his/her profile from the package which is assigned to him/her. The student books on the calendar which shows teacher time in which they are available and not available. They can book as many number of lessons as they want until the number of lessons in the package.

Technologies Used

  • Codeigniter 2.2.0
  • Grocery CRUD plugin
  • Datatable plugin plugin
  • Yahoo responsive grid plugin


is a dynamic web application which allows schools to manage their whole organization. It provides the interaction between school, teachers, students and parents in a most effective way. The website is responsive for most of the standard compatible devices.

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If a school has many branches, each of them can be managed centrally with the help of this application. The website keeps track of student who are absent, students who have birthdays etc. An android version of this website is also available.

Technologies Used

  • Codeigniter 2.2.1
  • Google Map api
  • Jquery 1.8.3
  • Bootstrap

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